Basic design elements

Ramboll’s brand is a monolithic brand meaning that the same brand is used for all business units, services and market activities. Ramboll does not permit business units fully owned by Ramboll to permanently trade under a different name and brand. Read more about our internal policies, procedures and guidelines on the intranet (only internally accessible).

To keep the experience of our brand consistent, we’ve created a series of simple design elements that can be combined in different ways. We call these our basic elements. 


Our logo and tagline

Our logo is our most important visual asset. Over the years we've built up recognition by using it consistently.
We have added a tagline to explain our value creation explicitly.
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Our logo is our most important visual asset

Our typography

Another powerful element in our brand is use of the typeface Gotham Rounded, which is associated with Ramboll. 
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Gotham Rounded is a recognisable typeface

Our colours

Ramboll is recognised for being blue. Our blue colour is cyan and we have a range of energetic secondary colours to supplement it. 
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Cyan box

The cyan box is a prominent part of our brand expression. It ensures that our primary colour cyan is identifiable as unmistakably Ramboll. It is mainly used in our advertisements and on the covers of our corporate brochures. 
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Examples of what we do are in place, in full public view, all over the world. So it’s OK to have a little swagger in our talk.

Our images

Apart from images of great buildings and projects, we like to surprise and engage with the way we use images and illustrations. 
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We want to surprise and engage with the way we use images and illustrations.
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