Gotham Rounded

Gotham Rounded is mainly used in caps bold for headlines and in light or book mixed case for body copy, depending on the background colour. It reads well across everything from large scale signage to small and dense 5.5 point type on business cards. It works for display purposes and is comfortable and easy to read in longer documents.

For our Word and PowerPoint stationery range, we use Verdana to ensure full editability without having to buy fonts.

Typographic style

We use Gotham Rounded to express ourselves. We use both upper and lower case, as well as type sizes and colours to communicate in an engaging way.

If you need the font, you can download it at Rambla (only internally accessible). If a supplier needs to use Gotham Rounded, please contact us at:

In order to use our InDesign templates you will need the Gotham Rounded fonts in these weights: Light, -Book, -Medium and –Bold, in the Open Type font format.

Please note that fonts aren’t included with our InDesign templates. You can request access to our Indesign templates by contacting

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