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Our brand describes Ramboll’s character - who we are and the way we behave. The impression we make through our communications has a direct impact on the Ramboll brand –and therefore affects our reputation, trustworthiness and success.

We want to ensure that the Ramboll experience is expressed consistently across all communications. Human Touch means acting and communicating in a human way – through the way we look and in what we say. The way we communicate with the world around us should be consistent, engaging and reflect our high level of professionalism.

It is especially in the combination of visual and headline that we can surprise, impress and interest the reader. They should work together to create something special for the reader.


This notional airport ad shows that it's possible to create impact with few elements.
1) The headline should not say the same thing as the photo:
This rule is commonly broken, because we are naturally predisposed to see the headline and visual complement each other. However, there’s a bigger opportunity to use both to create a new idea that has real impact. Good print advertisements and billboards are good examples – the headline says one thing, the picture says another, but combined they introduce a whole new idea that is much more fun for readers to process because they have to do some of the work to interpret it.

2) Either the headline or the photo should be the hero – not both:
Another common temptation is to both say something clever and give the image a visual twist. This is often overkill – it’s not necessary, and it complicates how we interpret the idea. Part of being seriously engaging is to simplify understanding as well.

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