We are interesting

Ramboll has a natural advantage in triggering our audiences’ interest as almost everything we do has an element of intrigue to it – our projects are often large scale, innovative or solve challenges facing society.


  • Identify and convey stories or facts that are unique, surprising, or helpful as they will grab the audience’s attention, be memorable, and are more likely to be shared.
  • Ensure that copy is relevant to the audience
  • Examples of what we do are in place, in full public view, all over the world. So it’s OK to have a little swagger in our talk.

We are approachable

We can lose our audience if sentences are long, convoluted or complicated. We communicate simply and clearly and are transparent.


  • Short sentences and words show respect for the reader and their time
  • Using language and terminology that our audience understands and can relate to
  • Write in a way that is open and invites dialogue with our audience

We have reason to be confident

Our services and solutions make a difference. And examples of what we do are in full public view, all over the world. So it’s ok to have a little swagger in our talk.


  • Keep the copy lean and active, and avoiding the passive voice where we can
  • Be bold – we have something to say, and dare to say it!

We are passionate

If we can’t get excited about our projects, we can’t expect a reader to be.

Writing for the web

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