These images break with conventional engineering images of buildings by using impactful images that are relevant to what we do, and who we are.

When selecting and using these images, it's important that the copywriting supports the image. The copy should also remind people that it's an engineering firm speaking. Images should not be selected just to be different - they have to be used in a way that visually communicates what Ramboll is about.

The style of our imagery is bright and simple. It is focused on how we add value to our clients and to society as a whole - the impact that we make. Our images are authentic and realistic, and they often have a dynamic expression with some form of activity happening.


The image above exemplifies the positive impact of our work of a city area that has become green and liveable to enjoy for its inhabitants.

In line with our human touch brand essence, the impact images mostly include people enjoying the positive effects of what we do. They typically also include some form of activity and overall convey quality of life.

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