We encourage the use of infographics in Ramboll’s communication. Good infographics can be great at explaining complex information, and we want our communication to be approachable and easy to understand – seriously engaging. Infographics can be used across all communication channels, as long as it is adapted to the context in which it is to appear.
In Ramboll, we work with three overall categories of types of infographics, depending on the type of message it has to convey.


Data visualisation

Displaying data in e.g. pie charts, graphs etc.


Showing how things relate to each other in a flow or process. Things typically appear in an sequential order and relate to/influence each other. E.g. factors that influence the development of a liveable city.


Strengthening a story or a point by means of an illustration. Something that makes the recipient think and creates a wow/stop effect.

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