Images and illustrations

To be seriously engaging our images have to work very hard – and always relate to the surrounding text. That means that the first thing you should think of when choosing an image is what it can bring to our communication. This also means sometimes challenging the industry standard architectural renderings and building site photography. 

Our image style is varied, but generally speaking they should be interesting, bright, realistic and engaging. We never use people cut-outs on our images. Our images can be split into the below five categories. Use our Image Bank to find the images you need (external access can be requested). 

Please note that you should always ensure that you have the rights and permission (if needed by the client or cooperation partner for instance) to use the images you present in your material. In the image bank the specific rights are listed for each image.


Impact images

When communicating with the world, we have an opportunity to engage people by using images that show the positive impact of what we do. Working hand in hand with great copy, these images should be interesting, bright, realistic and clear. We always focus on showing the solution in our imagery – not the problem. Read more here.


Project images

We also need to be able to show our projects through images. Whenever possible try to include the human side of things, for example people engaging with a building rather than the building on its own. Again these images should have depth and warmth wherever possible – but also show of our projects the best way possible. Read more here

Process images

To illustrate what we actually do, we also show images of employees working on projects. This could be out in the field or in the office, and should present our working processes in the best possible way. We always strive to use images of real Ramboll employees. This ensures that the displayed situations appear realistic and do not look like stock photography. Read more here.

Using illustrations

As an alternative to using photography, we can also use illustrations. They communicate creativity, ideas and ambition, and again they should complement headlines or copy whenever used. Read more here.

Using infographics

Another alternative to using photography is using infographics. Good infographics can be great at explaining complex information, and we want our communication to be approachable and easy to understand. It can be used across all communication channels, as long as it is adapted to the context in which it is to appear. Read more here


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In our Image Bank you'll find images to support your communication. (External access can be requested)

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