We have a wide range of ready to use brochures for supplementing customer meetings, supporting tenders, or displaying at events and exhibitions. This includes company-wide literature as well as market-specific material. The content, level of detail and design of our brochure range is complementary - ensuring that they can be used in combination with each other to meet most requirements.

You can find existing Marketing material on Rambla (only internally accessible). If you require print copies or are an external consultant, please contact: branding@ramboll.com

Production specifications

Digital print: The pdf settings when preparing for digital print is Coated Forgra39. The paper quality for digital print is Multidesign. Typically 150 gr for publications with max 24 pages. If more than 24 pages, the cover is 240 gr, and the content pages are 90 gr.

Litho/offset print: Pdf settings for litho or offset printing is Uncoated Forgra29. All our stationery is printed on Scandia 2000, white, which is an uncoated paper type. Magazines and publications are also printed on Scandia 2000, white on a paper quality between 150-170 grammes for the contents/cover. For larger publications 300 gram paper is used for the cover. 

Publications Framework

Please visit the Marketing Materials page at Rambla to learn more about the range and compatibility of Ramboll’s literature (only internally accessible).

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