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Profile advertising concept

The Ramboll brand is about taking a holistic approach. We’re about doing engineering, design and consultancy with a human touch. Every day we deliver on the rational and the emotional aspects. We create gains for our clients and for society. We care about the hard and the soft benefits. We create innovative solutions for the mind and for the heart. Our deep technical insight translates into benefits for human life.

The ad concept communicates our holistic approach by using “a dualistic tension” as the creative headline engine throughout the ad family.

Print adversiting

This example shows how a headline and a great image can make an ad engaging and interesting – and at the same time make us stand out from the competition. The ad follows a simple formula of a full bleed image, a cyan box, upper case headline and further information in Gotham Rounded regular. The Ramboll logo ‘signs off’ the ad – in this example, we've used the white logo to make it stand out from the image background.

Details on profile advertising concept and examples

For a more in-depth description of Ramboll’s ad concept and advertising examples, have a look at this PowerPoint presentation.

We have a series of InDesign templates for adverts available for design professionals, please contact to get access to these.

Employer branding advert example

Employer branding advertising concept

We have a special advertising concept for employer branding purposes. Our Employer Brand revolves around the promise and tagline ’Inviting bright minds’, capturing what is attractive and authentic about Ramboll as a workplace. When we activate our employer brand, we show bright ideas brought to life and the Ramboll employees, with bright minds, behind them. 

Ramboll’s position as an employer varies depending on geography, market and professions. This is why we have created an employer branding playbook - composed in a way that makes it possible for hiring managers, HR and communication professionals to choose between headlines, messages, stories and images to match and support the communication of any given situation.

You can access it here on Rambla (only internally available). If you are an external party who requires access, please contact

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